Eric Giessmann

Freelance animator and director for animated short films, living in Germany.


  • Animieren ist wie tanzen nach einer bestimmten Melodie im Kopf.

    - Eric Giessmann -







All about my new animated short movie „Sand Wanderer“. Produced by seriousFilm. Supported by the Nederlands Filmfonds as part…

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D’Art 2016

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Het jury rapport luidt: De maker weet met een eenvoudig vormgegeven karakter, met een typemachine als hoofd, een volkomen…

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My latest film TYPEWRITERHEAD demonstrates how I created a 3D computer-animated short film with the appearance of an entirely…

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VR Services

We are a collaboration of two designers working in virtual reality.

What we do…



Eric Giessmann

Director, Animator

Piers Goffart

Illustrator, Animator





and many more …

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