Eric Giessmann

Freelance animator and director for animated short films, living in Germany.


  • Animieren ist wie tanzen nach einer bestimmten Melodie im Kopf.

    - Eric Giessmann -







All about my new animated short movie „Sand Wanderer“. Produced by seriousFilm. Supported by the Nederlands Filmfonds as part…

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D’Art 2016

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Het jury rapport luidt: De maker weet met een eenvoudig vormgegeven karakter, met een typemachine als hoofd, een volkomen…

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My latest film TYPEWRITERHEAD demonstrates how I created a 3D computer-animated short film with the appearance of an entirely…

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VR Services

We are a collaboration of two designers working in virtual reality.

What we do…


Virtual Workshops

A smal group of up to 10 people works in VR with the Rift and different VR painting tools. A very practical half day workshop.

VR Presentations

A presentations about VR in VR! You will learn everything about state of the art VR design tools.

VR Commercials

You need an infographic or animated short made in or for virtual reality? Checkout our

VR portfolio



Eric Giessmann

Director, Animator

Piers Goffart

Illustrator, Animator



and many more …

Dont worry you dont need to know them yet…




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